LTP’s Executive Coaching programme focuses on Leadership by Experience and has two focal areas: achieving personal victories and achieving victories over the outside world (the coachee’s context).

People’s performance, but especially their excellence, is a key factor in the success of organizations. Growth, adaptive capacity and the extent to which strategies are successfully implemented are strongly influenced by the commitment and quality of the leaders, managers and employees.

Executive Coaching offers leaders and managers the opportunity to transform their leadership from authentic leadership (Power through Status) to inspiring service-minded leadership (Power through Wisdom).

The key concept during executive coaching programmes is: Coaching in context. Because the coach knows the context – people’s arena or playing field – the coaching trajectory does not become a non-committal philosophical reflection, but rather a nerve centre from which all important developments take place.

The three keywords during a coaching programme are: self-examination, self-insight and self-management. The transformation, or essential change, starts from there.

LTP’s executive coaches are register coaches, a quality mark issued by the Career Management Institute (CMI).

Start: Executive Assessment and Intake
Executive Assessments are often used at the start of the project. This assessment acts as a powerful transition accelerator for the entire coaching process.

During the intake interview, it is determined whether there is a click between the coach and coachee and the relationship contract is established. The trajectory’s success partly depends on this contract, which is based on safety, trust, respect, connection and reciprocity. The coach becomes the supervisor, guide, partner and buddy for the entire further process.

An Executive coaching programme at LTP has two main areas of attention:
1: Achieving personal victories
2: Achieving victories in the outside world/the context

Achieving personal victories
The first longer session is all about guts, critical confrontation, improvisation and, if necessary, daring work forms, aimed at taking the participant and the coach out of their comfort zone. This first session is about self-examination. The ‘whole individual person’ is explored in the context of life and work in order to formulate a powerful learning question from that starting point that serves as a benchmark for the entire process.

Breakthrough sessions
Breakthrough sessions (pressure cookers) are used between the coaching sessions, aimed at experimenting and experiencing. The breakthrough session allows the coachee to explore and push their boundaries. It is about increasing self-understanding on a rational and emotional level.

The configuration of a breakthrough session is determined by the learning question, the theme and the context in which the participant lives and works. LTP hires specific experts who supervise the breakthrough sessions together with the coach, for example directors, filmmakers, photographers, actors, singers and top athletes.

Coaching sessions
During the coaching sessions, bold formats are also used to keep the coach and coachee out of their comfort zone. These sessions are all about self-insight. All experiences and insights gained from the breakthrough sessions are discussed, translated and anchored in daily practice.

Top form in four domains
Executive leaders and senior managers must be in top form in the four areas mentioned below. Only then will they be able to take good care of the people for whom they are responsible. This requires self-management, an important subject of Executive Coaching trajectories.

  • Physically. How is your physical health?
  • Mentally, rationally. How change-minded, curious, inquisitive are you? Are you willing to learn and discover new things?
  • Emotionally. Do you take the time to be inspired by beauty: visual arts, music, travelling, nature, architecture, prose, poetry?
  • The soul. How do you find peace? Where do you find the tranquillity needed to get new ideas? Do you take the time to reflect on your own actions? Do you dare to be self-critical and admit, disclose and correct your mistakes?

Victories over the outside world
The entire coaching approach inspires the coachee to act proactively. It increases the ability to reflect and, where possible, removes obstacles to development or developments. The coachee starts to work and live more based on inspiration, so that derailment and the temptation to live and work from a desire for power, money and status can be observed and transcended.

This new attitude has an immediate effect on the environment and the organization and leads to improved chances of success in case of a new challenge. Because the coachee will be more focused on the greater interest rather than on themselves, their leadership will strengthen, develop and deepen. Their authority/power will increasingly and naturally come from who they are, instead of being unnaturally coerced by the nature of their position.

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