Increase the impact of your top management.

Executive Services – part of LTP – advises and facilitates to increase the impact of your top management. We connect the old with the new: our 90 years of expertise in applying the latest insights and technology. We assist in the selection and development of a new generation of executives.

Working towards a new Olympia

LTP interviews executives and top managers about their organization’s position and strategy in a rapidly changing world. This time we had the honor to interview Dimitri Yocarini, CEO of Olympia. Since starting his career as a recruitment consultant, this young and driven businessman has quickly risen to become the owner and CEO of one of the largest employment agencies in the Netherlands. Purpose and profit are central to his thinking.

Focus on quality

LTP continue to strive to deliver high quality in the execution of their assessments. We closely monitor our systems, instruments and advisers. We are therefore very pleased with the Cedeo recognition for Assessments that we recently received again. We scored 96.7% on customer satisfaction. We are very proud of that!